Dusty Remains

Stories of 300 Words or Fewer

Dusty Remains

By Paul Worthington

Packed House Publications, LLC; 1st edition (December 22, 2013)
One moment can change everything. The second installment of the ‘Life: As Fragile As Dust’ Series trains its eye on the fleeting snapshots of life; pictures that say a million words but are whispered in three hundred words or less. Our lives are stories in the making, and these twenty-one stories are haunting testaments of lives as vivid and complex as our own, and more importantly, these stories deserve to be told. When life tears us apart, we can find the truth in what’s left over. This, then, is the pulse of these short stories, the remnant of strength that remains after a time of turmoil in our fragile lives. This is Dusty Remains.



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