Blown Away

Fifty Stories, Fifty Words or Fewer

Blown Away

By Paul Worthington

Packed House Publications; 1st edition (February 14, 2015)
“Blown Away” rings in the third and final installment of the best-selling ‘Life: As Fragile As Dust’ series, in its slicing examination of one of the most delightful, and likewise, challenging portions of life: the unexpected. Using characters in inventive new ways (water and fire fall in love in “Fiery Dance”), examining people in surprising – and often, devastating – circumstances (a soldier returns home to find an unforgiving country in “A Soldier’s Story”), and serving up twists in every tale (a schoolchild reveals a little too much in “Show and Tell”, with hilarious results), “Blown Away” seeks to do just that – blow you away – all in fifty stories, fifty words or fewer.



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