About The Blog

At “The Short Story Guy”, I’m dedicated to one thing, and one thing only: the love of the short story.

I write them. I read them. I defend them. I share them. I encourage them. I love them. And that’s why “The Short Story Guy” blog was created – to create an honest, bold new online community who wishes to share their passion for the often neglected, but astonishing art form of short story writing.

Ever since I could talk, I was telling stories. At first it was to my 11 piece family, and then it was to anyone who would listen. Many years later, it was time to put the stories on paper. My intro into the writing world began with my wife enrolling me in a local writing course in 2006. I got my feet wet with a middle-grade novel. I loved it (and still do), but over the years, I’ve done a 180, and haven’t stopped writing short stories since.

Whether you’re looking for something new, or those multi-hundred paged novels just aren’t cutting it anymore, or you just plain love short stories, this is the place for you – to discuss, discover and defend (or debate) the underdog of the literary world.

My new blogging schedule is the 4th Friday of the month, though there are exceptions. Here’s some posts to get you started: tell us what makes you love short stories in the first place, or take a dip into what it’s like to write one yourself (your co-author? Al Green.) Check out the archives at “The Vault.”

…Open Our Shorts And Be Amazed…

Paul Worthington