About Paul Worthington

Paul Worthington

“The Short Story Guy”

About Paul

As The Short Story Guy, I’m dedicated to one thing, and one thing only: the love of the short story. 

Ever since I could talk, I was telling stories. I told them to my 11-piece family, friends and teachers, and eventually, to anyone who would listen. It got to the point that if any one of us were bored, they would ask me to make up and tell a story, which would keep us entertained for hours. Storytelling was always a deep joy of mine, but yet, not something I realized I could really take the reigns with…

Flash forward many years later. It was time to put the stories on paper. My intro into the writing world began with my wife enrolling, me in a local writing course almost a decade ago. Ironically, this rabid short story writer got his feet wet with a middle-grade novel, and began his career with a number of novel-length manuscripts. I loved it (and still do), but over the years, I’ve done a 180, and haven’t stopped writing short stories since.

I strive to write stories that entertain and excite, but overall, my deepest desire is to get to the heart of each and every reader. To give you something you didn’t have yesterday, which expands your experience of the world a little bit more – a new understanding, a great, full laugh, a new connection with someone else, especially yourself. I want to give you a great short story to read, which inspires you to connect even deeper to the stories – and story – of your life.

So, since I’m so in love with stories, I’ll keep penning out the tales, especially for you the reader. So much that, for every book’s ‘About the Author’ will be a different mini-story from my “life.” (Though, sometimes, it’s up to you to decide if it’s truth or fiction.) Want to know more about Paul Worthington? You have to keep reading to find out.